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Welcome To Hi Tek Tanning

Tel 07977 493231  

We are a long established company based in Tredegar and are well known throughout the area for our reliability and quick service, we stock spray lotions and also sell the equipment. We now have manufactured exclusively for us our own labels Celeb and Dark Secrets tanning solution which are used extensively by leading salons in the South Wales area.


We started in 1976 as an Electronic service and repair company specialising in the music industry and electronic organs and amplifiers in particular. During this period we achieved many high spots including full responsibility for setting up the organ for the Pope’s visit to Wales, consultant work on amplifier design for both East Germany and China and repairs for many prominent pop stars of the era.

We were the first company to introduce satellite TV to Wales with a large demonstration facility in Cardiff and we carried out road shows throughout Wales.of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

When sunbeds were first available in the early 1980’s we advertised in the local papers to gauge what response if any we would generate, we were pleasantly surprised by the interest and so became the first company in Wales to stock and sell sunbeds. We have found the sunbed industry to be so exciting and fulfilling that since 1986 we have devoted ourselves full time to selling, servicing and maintaining sunbeds


We have only ever stocked Tansun sunbeds and are their longest established customer. For over twenty five years we have been the South Wales distributor for Tansun and worked with Tansun in the design work and features that are found in their current range of sunbeds. We are Tansun in this area.

Whilst we can supply sunbeds and tubes. We are firm fans of the 160 watt Tansun Vitesse. In our opinion this is the finest vertical sunbed ever made. We use this model in our profit share sites. It is a fallacy that 180 watts tubes are stronger tanning wise; they are just longer and require the extra 20 watts of electrical power to cover the extra length.

We offer sunbeds on a profit share basis. All sunbeds supplied are 0.3 compliant

Spraytan equipment and solutions

Vibration stations on a profit share basis.

Vibration Stations

Used models that have been serviced and offered with three months guarantee and free local delivery and installation. Just £50

As above but fitted

with coin meter and locking drawer. Ideal for salons & Gyms,


!!! Spray Kit Offer !!!

Latest Earlex TS50 light commercial spray

tan kit plus 50 personalised leaflets plus

tent plus two litres Dark Secrets at a great

price while stocks last at just :-

!!! £250 !!!

Profit Share Sunbeds for Shops, Salons & Gyms.

Love Tanning, Want extra income? Have some space available?

Add a sunbed to your services offered.

All Repairs, Retubing, Maintenance, Service, Staff Training, Signage and Accessories

Supplied Free by us.

For more details, Call Kevin on 07977 493231